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Hustlers (2019)

(2019) on IMDb

Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles. Cameo by Cardi B and Lizzo.

Movie Synopsis:
A group of former strippers band together to scam money from men, mostly men who work on Wall Street, after the economic crash of 2008.


Overall Thoughts:
I felt really uncomfortable after watching this movie. It wasn’t the nudity, the drugs, or what they did. The discomfort came from watching a group of women who had struggled with their identity and self-worth. The lead characters in this movie had incredibly low self-esteem and an underlying sadness that shook me to the core. The feeling of abandonment was crushing. I know that my focus on this part of the movie is probably not healthy but it was the part I felt most drawn too. I grew up in a middle class family. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. I lived primarily with my Mom but saw my father and my stepmother often. Despite the divorce, my parents did everything they could to make sure that they had a good relationship so that my sisters and I didn’t suffer. My Mother was a very strong and independent woman. If she had any doubts about herself, she sure knew how to hide them. She constantly told me how smart I was. How capable I was. How proud she was of me. She made me feel special, strong, and worthy. I have never doubted my ability to be successful nor my capacity to love and be loved. I have known lots of women in my life who do not feel this way about themselves. I often hear them second guessing whether or not they have the right to be proud of themselves. Questioning their abilities and their worth. This breaks my heart.

I thought the entire cast did well.

Well done. I would like to have had a little more background on Ramona. They ended with saying how much (if any) jail time they received. I would liked to have some more information on what happened to them personally after it was all over (stay friends, what they do professionally, family, etc…).

Special Effects:
I am not sure if there were any. I think Jennifer Lopez’s pole dancing was real. She is crazy strong!!!

Should You Go See This Movie?
Maybe. I enjoyed the movie despite feeling saddened by their lack of self-esteem. The acting was good. I thought the script was well written. The plot is funny and I am still on the fence on how I feel about what they did. Overall it was entertaining and the soundtrack was awesome. It was a cool surprise to see Cardi B and Lizzo as strippers.

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