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The Last Full Measure (2019)

 The Last Full Measure
(2019) on IMDb

Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Irvine, Christopher Plummer, Bradley Whitford, Ed Harris, Michael Imperioli, Diane Ladd, Linus Peters, William Hurt, Alison Sudol, Peter Fonda, Amy Madigan, and John Savage.

Movie Synopsis:
This is based on a real-life event during the Vietnam War. William H. Pitsenbarger was a member of the U.S. Air Force Pararescue (aka PJ) involved in a rescue mission on April 11, 1966. He personally saves sixty men before being shot and killed in one of the bloodiest battles during the Vietnam War.

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Fact or Fiction:


Overall Thoughts:
Wow… What to say about this movie? I had not heard of this movie. No movie trailers, no social media discussions, nothing. My schedule is very tight, so I have to see movies on certain days and at certain times. This was one of the two movies that fit into my schedule. I noticed that there are a lot of excellent and really famous actors in this movie, so I watched the trailer. I figured that this would be a really good movie. I was not wrong. I really enjoy movies based off true stories. They are almost always about people who were selfless and made significant sacrifices to help others. This was definitely true in this case. This type of movie makes me feel like a complete loser and they make me want to do more for others. For some crazy reason I love these types of films and I certainly loved this one.


Well done. It was structured well. There were current day scenes interspersed with flash backs as the characters told the story. The transitions back and forth were smooth. My only complaint was it was a times difficult to figure out which older and younger characters matched.

The script really hits you where it hurts. I am glad that I did not know the actual facts before seeing it. The script really took some liberties in the emotion department. That being said, Pitsenbarger did an incredible thing and absolutely deserved the honor and the respect from his country.

Special Effects:
Well done. Be prepared if you have war related PTSD.

Should You Go See This Movie?
I thought it was great. This man and all of his fellow soldiers were true heroes. They deserved the honor and recognition for their sacrifices for their country and for each and every one of us. Every adult should see this movie.

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